Ministry Name

After serving for ten years as Assistant and Youth Pastors at their previous church, prompted by the Holy Spirit, Pastor Walter and Pastor Erica Joseph were led to resign their Pastoral position and to embrace God's new call on their lives.  So like Peter they left their comfort zone, to boldly follow God in faith onto the water of their divine destiny.

After much prayer and soulful meditation they were led to read John Ortberg’s book “If You Want To Walk On The Water, You’ve Got To get Out Of The Boat”.  It is from its consideration of the Biblical account of Jesus’ walking on the water (Matt. 14:22-36; Mk. 6:45-56; Jn. 6:16-21), as well as their desire to walk in obedience to the call of God upon their lives, that the name ‘Walking on the Water Ministries’ was chosen.

Ministry Start-Up

Walking on the Water Ministries started holding 'formation' (soft-launch) services on Sunday November 6, 2005 at Edenbrook Hill Public School in Brampton, with a core group of 12 persons in the first service.

The official church launching service was held on Sunday May 7, 2006 at Fletcher's Meadow Secondary School in Brampton.


Walking on the Water Ministries is affiliated with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC).